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Pottery Barn Live Fresh Winter Wreath DIY

Fresh Greens Wreath 5

Having a faux flocked Christmas tree means that we don’t have that heady scent of pine when you walk in the door.

Hanging a  DIY living fresh wreath inside is the next best thing.

I love the new Pottery Barn Live Fresh Winter Wreath, but couldn’t see how I’d be able to ship it here affordably and have it arrive intact.

Fresh Greens Wreath

Our local florist, Splurge, has 12″ fresh green wreaths that are quite full to begin with.

Armed with a glue gun, I decided to add a variety of fresh greens and stems.

I wanted to use salal like Pottery Barn, but I know they don’t often last too long in my outdoor pots and would soon fade.

Magnolia leaves would be a good substitute, they have a beautiful glossy green on one side and a rich bronze underneath.

Fresh Greens Wreath 4

About four stems of white Statice were enough to add the bits of white for contrast and they dry beautifully.

Thick, white satin ribbon loops were twisted together with florists wire to make a simple bow, then attached it to the wreath just off to one side.

Fresh Greens Wreath 2 B

Stems of fresh cedar were glued on, some on top of the wreath and some tucked between branches to add thickness.

A few extra pine cones were glued on.

I scoured the neighborhood for Tallow Berries, but there were none to be found.
I really didn’t want to use faux berries, I wanted the wreath to look natural but didn’t want the pop of red berries on a neutral looking wreath.

I tried inserting a few white roses { short stems with water picks } but it didn’t look right.

Fresh Greens Wreath

Finally I discovered one lovely, large branch of Privet Berries that gave me plenty of deep purple clusters of berries.

I think I prefer the additional colour it added to the greens and whites. I added a few of those smaller white leaves as well, hopefully they won’t fade.

It’s not exactly a replica of the Pottery Barn Live Fresh Wreath, but it was made by hand with love!

So easy to do and so much more affordable!

I love our new wreath, I so hope it will last well into the new year. Now I may just have to try that mantel display they have in their photo;)


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