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Swedish Decor

In my other life as a realtor, I have a passion for interior design and love looking through properties with my clients. As a result, design trends in other countries fascinates me, I dream of one day taking two months out of each year to live in a completely different space.

Swedish decor has always had a special place in my heart, I think it’s the crisp light first and foremost. The bright white, sun-washed rooms are often quite spare and simple in decor. With the start of the New Year and the holidays tucked away in boxes, I look forward to decluttering and simplifying my own space.

Without any plans to move to Kungshöjd, Ingenjörsgatan, Sweden in the next few years, I’ve discovered another realtor’s website filled with images. Unfortunately all of these condos have sold, but I know I will be checking back regularly!

In lieu of travel or moving, one can incorporate a few of these touches in your home and or office. Grey and stone coloured linens in the kitchen and living room, new bedrooms coverlets and sheets, pewter candlesticks and deep red flowers, lovely bottles of scented soap pumps, perhaps black and charcoal accents at the office. Copper is starting to become a big trend in metallics for the home, I’d love to have a small bit of that warming my space as well. I’ll let you know if I manage to do some of these!

As for the garden photos.. on a morning when every step crunches on snow and breath exhaled is a suspended cloud of frozen air, one can’t help but long for spring!



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