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Maujaq – the snow in which you sink

Maujaq snow in which you sinkThis was a first day out snowshoeing so just rambled on Nose Hill (Spy Hill) and had a beautiful sunny day. Every little wisp of grass was lined with the most spectacular ice crystals. The sun’s heat and gentle breezes stripped them bare and the little clusters lay beneath on the ground.

You could almost hear the “tinkling” of ice crystals falling in your imagination.. well, mine anyway! Sorry for the blurry images.. I was disappointed to only have my cell phone camera on hand, next time I’ll be sure to bring my trusty Canon. The snow alternated between crusty thin layers that you could easily snowshoe on, to thick drifts that you could almost surf down.

These deer appeared on the horizon, at first cautious but then they gracefully ambled across the field, it was so magical.

Love, Smidge Bluebird

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