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A Smidgen of Valentine’s Baking

I thought I’d a share a round-up of my favourite recipes for Valentine’s Day.

{ I know.. it’s early, but if this next week promises to be even as close to crazy as the next one.. }

Let’s start a bit healthy, shall we with these

Healthy Hunny Smackerals

{ wow, my photography skills weren’t so awesome back then.. forgive me}

Hunny Bars 1

While we’re looking at hearts.. this was one of my favorite projects..
White Chocolate Dipped Rice Krispie Hearts

and a message about gratefulness..

RK Heart 5

Then it got a little hot in the kitchen..

El Diablo Red Velvet Saigon Cinnamon Brownies

El Diablo Brownie 2

This was the first time I tried making marshmallows.. I love it when people blush!

Blushing Marshmallow Hearts..

with just a wee hint of pink..

Marshmallow 5

Perhaps you’d like a few of these to share with a glass of champagne..


Snowberries cg

Or pucker up together with these popular

Mini-Sunkissed Linzer Cookies..

sunkissed cookies

I loved making these

Lavender Brushed Embroidery Cookies!

Brush Embroidery Cookies 8

And these sweet sugar cookies were so fun to make!

Valentine’s Sugar Cookies with

Royal Icing

Valentine's Cookies 7My newest favorite cookies, though, are these pretty

Pink Ribbons and Roses Vegan Cookies

Ribbons and Roses Cookies 2Ribbons and Roses Cookies 3

A slice of I Heart Valentine’s Day Pound Cake anyone?

V Day Pound Cake 7

.. or a smidge of this little Chocolate Cream Smidgen Pie

Chocolate Cream Pie 2

And last but most certainly not the least and surely the icing on the cake.. was this luscious recipe for a best friend’s birthday..

Red Velvet Chambord ♡ Cake with Ruffled Frosting

Red Velvet 13
Red Velvet 9Red Velvet 21

Whew.. thank goodness I work out!

I’ll be back in a bit with a Valentine’s Crafts round-up as well..

Love, Smidge Bluebird

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