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New on Just a Smidgen – Desktop Wallpaper

Hope is the thing

I have this crazy love for quotes..

their implicit meaning speaks to my heart…

In Your LightSometimes this world seems too graphic, too literal, too loud..

Let’s steal away a little time for just ourselves, shall we.. just a smidgen, a sliver of quiet..

to peak beneath the surface of our everyday selves and

discover the nuances of how we feel in the moment..

or learn

what rouses or inspires us..

You care

So I’ve decided that I needed to add a new Page on the sidebar Menu of Just a Smidgen..
{ ←just over to the left there ↑ and up }

Click on Desktop Wallpaper and you’ll find a series of my own photos with some of my favourite quotes
{ like these ones }
I will be adding to them from time to time.. gathering quotes for you to keep..

maybe one or two will resonate?

You can right click, save and use them for your laptop or computer desktop
or print them off and tape them to your mirror or fridge.

Just promise me you’ll use them to take good care of yourself.

I know I love seeing these images and thoughts when I first wake and before I begin the chore of working through my Inbox.

I hope you will find a wee bit of inspiration here as well.

Love, Smidge Bluebird

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