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Manifesting the Life You Choose

Joy Page Quote

I love this pond, it’s still, mirror-like surface creates a dappled, symmetrical reflection. Just to the right you can catch a glimpse of a little farmhouse. I chose this photograph from a series I took on a farm high above Mabel Lake a few summers ago. I’d like to think it symbolizes how I’d like my life to feel on an “ideal day”. I can imagine how incredible it must be to wake up to that hush, that quiet every morning!

I still haven’t chosen my “Word” for 2015 { and it’s already March!}. I’ve had a few short-listed.. joy.. luminous.. focus.. but I can’t seem to find a word that rolls everything into one. But then I stumbled on this quote by the actress Joy Page { what a name! }

“Don’t let anything stand in the way of you claiming and manifesting the life that you choose rather than the life you have by default.”

and I’m wondering if


could be my word?

The lovely thing about the word “Manifest” is that is can be a noun, adjective, verb..


a document giving comprehensive details of a ship and its cargo and other contents, passengers, and crew for the use of customs officers

{ couldn’t there also be a personal “manifest” }

clear or obvious to the eye or mind

{ apparent, palpable, overt }

display or show (a quality or feeling) by one’s acts or appearance; demonstrate.
be evidence of; prove

{ display, reveal, evince }

So I think I’m getting a little closer having stumbled upon this quote.. I think living a full life is not just about having dreams, but it’s important to have clarity in them.. having a mental “list” of very definite goals that a person wants to accomplish. I’ve always been a dreamer, but have previously neglected to make the connection between dreaming { and wishing for things to happen } and detailing the clear steps towards making that dream become a reality. This is why I thoroughly enjoyed Susannah Conway’s exercise.. she asks you to describe your ideal day and it gives such simple clarity to what an “ordinary every day” could look like.
Going through the exercise allowed me to see, in a very concrete way, what those simple moments are that would create my “ideal life” and also helped me realize how could I move forward to having this become a reality. Distilling all the chaotic ideas down to one simple, perfect day helped me discover the essential, crucial elements and then these have became the undertaking for all of my meditating and visualizing.. and, now, for my actions.
To manifest is to demonstrate and make real.. and so each day I can aim to bear witness to my dreams through the actions I take, to the person I’m becoming. In my post on reinventing yourself I talked about the circle of influence of people who support you and motivate you in reaching your goals. And today I feel like I’ve finally made the connection between having that larger purpose and distilling it down to those “ordinary, every day” smaller steps that can take you in the right direction.
Of course, I don’t believe those smaller steps are just about the destination, but in the journey itself, because the simple act of “being” and “moving” towards one’s goals gives you such a feeling of accomplishment and of already “being that new person” every single day.

My friend once told me that it doesn’t have to take “years of hard work” to change, that you can decide to change today, that this very minute.. you can become the person you want to be.

That was so freeing for me to hear.. life doesn’t have to be about a years of arduous, formidable tasks.. but about simply making the decision to be different and then living it through your actions..


Could it really be this simple? I’d like to think so..
So is “manifest” my word for 2015? I keep thinking that if I could somehow tie the word “joy” in with it.. but I might be overthinking things.. because isn’t manifesting your dreams inherently all about joy anyway?


I like it..


Love, Smidge Bluebird tiny

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