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Father Earth, Spring Rain & David Whyte

Father Earth jpg

Our dry earth is welcoming our first spring rain.. I imagine it greedy, gulping it down like my dog slurps water from her bowl.

As long as these drops don’t turn into something flaky and white, it’s welcome to stay.

Spring Tower

You know you’re a gardener when you are always looking for ways to prolong a short growing season.

I decided I would stuff my galvanized tray full of spring plants.

Spring Tower 4

So now I have a Spring Tower in my kitchen..

the velvety flowers and leaves of African Violets and

Spring Tower 2

sweet droop of pansies makes me happy.

Spring Tower 3

But most of all, the purple crocuses on top, their fuzzy heads should start dotting our prairie landscapes soon..

and I can’t wait to wander among them!

Spring Tower 5

I apologize for the somewhat shabby quality of these photos.. my daughter absconded to Seward to be with her boy.. and took my camera with her! Sharper words and images to follow..

On another note.. I’ve discovered my newest favourite poet and author, David Whyte, is speaking in Victoria at the Royal Roads University!


“Sometimes it takes darkness and the sweet confinement of your aloneness to learn that anyone or anything that does not bring you alive is too small for you.” David Whyte from The House of Belonging

And I’m going!! Considering most of his speaking engagements are lavish tours around Ireland { now that’s on my bucket list } I’m over the moon that this is so close to home and easy to get to. Just check out this place! Yes, I’ll be bringing my “real” camera.. and my gardener’s sensibilities.

Royal Roads University

Stay warm.. stay dry..

Love, Smidge Bluebird tiny

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