just a smidgen

Rain Dancing

Every now and then I can convince one of my children to let me photograph them. They think it’s for practice, but it’s a truly a passion of mine to try to capture a moment in time and a wee glimpse into their souls. Today there was the softest light filtered through rain.. so I feel a few of these do just that. Always plan to spend at least half an hour, it takes about 15 minutes or so for your “subject” to relax and show their vulnerable side.

Click on the large photo and continue to click the upper right “Next” button in succession, that will bring them up in a large format. xx

I’ve found a new program that creates HDR so I’ve been experimenting, I think I love the added feel, depth and warmth it lends the pictures. { Photomatix Pro 5 } is the program if you’re looking for something affordable, it also layers various exposures if you want to have clarity in your depth of field in addition to a consistent exposure.

Love, Smidge Bluebird tiny

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