just a smidgen

of rain…

It’s time for me to sign off from blogging for a bit.. I’m leaving you with a tour of Carburn Park taken a day or so ago in the rain. One of the photos you may recognize was the landscape setting I painted alla prima last fall with my class. I loved seeing all the changes in form and colour shaped by an early spring.

Nature conspired to bring close all sorts of wildlife that day, robins, deer, the requisite ducks and geese.. but most auspicious were an exceptional pair of Grey Horned Owls tucked together high in a tree. It was my first time being so close to owls in their natural setting. All graciously tolerated my presence and permitted me to come near and photograph them.

I’m certain you’ll recognize the song I’ve chosen, this particular Simon and Garfunkel album was influential for me in my formative years. It was my mom’s, but I immediately took it for my own and played it endlessly.. I think I know every word of every song, but this one is a favourite.



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