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Stacks and Stacks of Books

I’ve been noticing a design trend where homeowners place stacks of books on the floor..

I love that.. since most of us already have a collection of hardcover books on hand.

Book Stack Side Table 3This one is great for both design and function since it is set up as a “side table”, perfect for a glass of wine or cup of coffee.

This little chair can be picked up for a song at Structube, where expensive design is affordably copied.

Book Stack Side Table 5

The books are a private collection acquired over the years, but

a few new

colorful art books

were also picked up for a “song”

at a used book store..
I love the vibrant colors and think it goes beautifully with the recovered chairs.

But I’ve also seen this done beautifully with simple white jackets and black text.

Book Stack Side Table 4The colorful floral pillow was picked up by my friend a year ago at Indigo, but I’m positive I’ve seen them again this year.

Book Stack Side Table 8I think you can discover a great deal about a person through the books they read!

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