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A Smidgen of Fall Chalk Art

Market Collective

I’d hoped to have been rambling around Bragg Creek trails this weekend, but the smoke advisories have kept Bella and I in the city. Nonetheless it was a great weekend to enjoy Market Collective‘s 7th Anniversary down at the Simmons Building with my own two “collecteds”, Katie and Phil.

Cindy and SAge

Katie found a lovely little ring, Phil resisted purchasing anything and everything.. and I couldn’t resist slipping on a brass leaf cuff bangle from Cinder and Sage, they actually had one that fit my tiny wrist! A Last Best IPA on tap was the perfect accompaniment for the live music.logo

Saturday was “get the dang house clean” day, followed by some time in the garden. I added a wee touch of autumn on my front and back steps with a few mums from Super Store and a little chalkboard art.

Fall PorchFall Porch 2Fall Chalkboard Art

Ever the social butterfly, er dog, Bella joined a “Meet Up” group. If you google search “Meet Up” and your city, you’ll find a diverse number of groups that you can join. Everything from hiking to movie night and business groups are there. It’s a great way for someone new to the city to begin networking.

We thought the Calgary Puppy and Small Breed Play Group would be perfect. Due to the smoke advisory we all met at the Montgomery Community Center where 21+ small dogs got the chance to romp together. Bella decided the safest place was tucked right up beside me while she watched the excitement from a distance. Looks like I’m not the only shy one in the family.. I wonder if it’s genetic?

Bella Play Date

And, finally, I decided to get a tattoo, which has absolutely nothing to do with Fall, except that it felt like it was long overdue. Not that Fall is overdue..


And I’ve been invited to join a Cookbook Club called “Bite Club” with Julie Van Rosendaal!! I’m so lucky!! I’m sure I’ll have lots of posts to follow on this one!

A trip to the Crossroads Market brought luscious Mac Apples into my kitchen, I’ll be making a pink applesauce for you soon!

That’s it, except for meetings today with two sets of clients to walk through their properties before they take possession this week and.. a possible offer coming in today on our listing.. fingers are double crossed!

So.. no mountain photography.. but not a bad weekend all things considered…

{ And I still haven’t baked that Peach Pie!! }

Sending prayers for rain to the folks and forests in Washington.

Love, Smidge Bluebird tiny

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