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Botanical Bliss

I love the new trend of botanical collections in clear glass vases and jars.

Botanical 5

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Botanical 3

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Botanical 6

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Botanical 7

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In fact, I am starting to think I might even try bringing a plant into my space.

While I am a fairly competent gardener, my interior plants usually don’t fare too well..

but I’d like some sort of ficus plant in a basket, something like this.

Only one more weekend until I learn how to knit my chunky knit throw!


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Right now I’m trying my hand at drying hydrangeas. Purple Orchid had some absolutely stunning pinks in this week so I picked up two.

Hydrangea 1Hydrangea 2Hydrangea 3

Unfortunately I had other errands to run and remembered them at about 10 pm at night.

When I rescued them they were quite sad and limp. But I remembered the trick they told me that will shock a hydrangea back to life. The shop “processes” them by running super hot water into a vase, making a fresh sharp angled cut and leaving them in for 15 minutes. It seems a bit odd to do this and the hydrangea will not look any better after those 15 minutes.. but fear not. Take them out and plunge the stems into a vase filled with cold water and wait.. sometimes over night. But your hydrangea will revive and have lovely sturdy blooms again.

Hydrangea 4Hydrangea 5Hydrangea 6

I had heard about plunging the whole flower head under water, but I can promise you, that won’t work. But this hot to cold water processing really does the trick.

Now I’m off to check out those Ficus.. I’ll keep you posted..

Have a lovely weekend!

Love, Smidge Bluebird tiny

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