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New Website Reveal – Byblos Bakery

Do you remember when I was developing a series of recipes for a local pita company, Byblos Bakery?

Honestly, for a little while there, I admit I completely forgot!

Every now and then I have been checking in,
only to see their original website.

I completely forgot to look these past few weeks..

until this morning.

Their new website design is up and running!!

Byblos 1

And I think my heart just skipped a little bit, just a teensy tiny bit..

Byblos 2

It was a bit like creating a whole new website, only I didn’t have to do the technical bits..

just the fun stuff, like cooking, baking, eating..

Byblos 3

and eating..

and more eating..

And if you haven’t been to Byblos, or tried their pita

{ and everything else they bake }

you really should.

Byblos 4

No.. you really should..

because you’d be supporting a local business and then you’d get to the fun stuff too..

Byblos 5

like eating..

Byblos 6

and more eating..

I hope Click Space hires me again, this was a dream job!!

Maybe next time it will be an ice cream shop..

or maybe an interior design store..

A girl can dream, right?

Love, Smidge Bluebird tiny

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