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Autumn Ramblings

autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower

-a camus

I’ve been on this lovely hike.. steeper than most,
unbeknownst to me this is a training hike meant to build up strength!


I was in good company, Amanda and her pups helped me make it to the top.


I hike again this Tuesday and hope to capture a few landscape images I can paint.

Cello lessons begin tomorrow!! I can’t wait!!

The living room has been cozied in preparation for cooler weather ahead:

furry throws and deep blues

Fall 2a wooden dough bowl filled with mustards, blues and antlers for texture

Fall decor 3more pretty antlers in a whimsical pillow

Fall decor 4the requisite Van Gogh sunflowers

Sunflowersa few little sparrows for fun

Fall Decor 6my Birch Bark Candle DIY that you can learn to make here

Fall Decor 5rosy apples

Fall Decor 8and purplest of plums

Fall Decor 7

The Peach Pie was finally baked!

Peach Pie 1

Peach Pie 2

I found a set of dishes that now grace my cabinets and give me pleasure to use. They’re locally made by Doug Andrews, an 87 year old potter that produces his stonework at home in Brentwood, Calgary. He believes “stoneware should feel good to your hands and be attractive but above all it must be strong and functional.”

It does and it is..

Andrews Stonewareand of course this little plate called to me with its imperfection.. a wee heart glaze dollop.

Andrews Stoneware 2Most of all I love the beach colors of sand and the organic look on the bottom where you can see he has used wire to scrape it from his potters wheel.

This home I live in once had a potter that worked from the studio out back. The studio is now home to an awesome neighbor who shared a slice or two of this pie with me.. and returned the favor with tickets to Shania Twain!!

Andrews Stoneware 3I think I need to take a few pottery classes, I was hoping Doug would let me be his apprentice, but I haven’t heard from him.. yet!

ApplesWhat would fall be without Mac apples?

AppleThe quickest way to make applesauce is to leave the skin on, toss the chunks into a pot and splash with water now and then as they cook down over a medium-low heat. Run the sauce through a mouli. Pour back into a pot and add more water to get the sauce the thickness you prefer.

MouleeI was told making the applesauce with the skins on would make a pink applesauce.

I was disappointed that it didn’t seem to work out that way for me.. but with a bit of cinnamon and sugar the flavor was distinctly autumn.

homemade applesauceIf you’ve found a way to make your applesauce pink I’d love to know!!

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