just a smidgen

Simple Truths

Having a positive and optimistic

{ even poetic }


carries its own

burden –

the incredible weight of believing that everything will turn out the way we


in our carefully designed dreams.

Yet that life we imagined with such positive certainty

must carry with it portions that are an


After all, our lives are a compilation of plans, hopes and dreams

that collide with the energy and force of any one of the


{ and counting }

human beings who may cross our path at any point in our life’s


While sometimes we can’t control or direct the outcome –

we can control our thoughts and beliefs about the human exchange that is


People will hurt us.

Some bless us with love.

You + Me = Something Completely New

and a

Changing You + Changing Me = The Unexpected

It’s how The Unexpected is handled that affects how we carry it with us as part of our story, part of our life’s


Life is Complex

Having the perfect life is not an option for any of us, there are so many factors that contribute to every single second we are alive that it is impossible to control all outcomes.

And so, we do our best, have the best of intensions and treat others in the manner we wish for them to treat us.

But in the end, there are no guarantees.

There is only


and the


to choose how these raw moments will rest inside your heart.

Will they cause you unending pain?

Will momentary anger fuel your courage and determination to create a better future?

Or will they just slowly subside and settle, becoming a deeper layer of cherished memories that create part of an

extraordinary life – well lived

The Truth Quote

Sifting through the pain to find the answers, the why and the why me..

if we allow it –

can set us gently down on a better path

where we can create the even more positive, optimistic and

{ even poetic }


of our dreams.




All quotes from M. Scott Peck’s book “The Road Less Travelled”

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