just a smidgen

Rose Colored Glasses

some say

i see only the best in people


i have to say that’s


like this lovely white iron headboard i found online for only $75

it had a lot of scrapes and gashes in it when i finally saw it in person

but a little white spray paint

liberated her beauty

i thought about it for a few weeks

nervous that i would mess it up

planning to carefully tape the brass and marble bits

but one glass of wine later, i decided

{ like every other DIY I’ve done }


just go for it

and with every passing sweep the headboard became new again

{ some paint got on the brass, but it was easy to clean off with turps }

let’s be clear, it’s

not perfect

but anything of value never truly is

IMG_1439i can’t wait to bring her to my new home

only 10 more sleeps

i’m beyond excited to be living in a home with my own furniture again

IMG_1443i think i have an eye for the “bones” of a great house

and see the potential in vintage pieces that require a little TLC

and just so,

i have always found it

much easier to see a person’s

lovely potential

it’s far more difficult for me

to see the detractors or to be suspicious..

because it doesn’t

feel like a true measure of that person

disclaimer.. sometimes, sadly, it is–

and if this is the case, that person is only allowed a small window of time in my life

and then we part ways

onward and upward

IMG_1444but for the most part, when you see

that person’s kindness, their truth and laughter-

your see them at their


they are showing you

all they can be..

or their potential

IMG_1448i much prefer that

to finding


seeing the


allows me to


{ and hopefully sometimes forgive }


..perhaps they comes from an lack of self-awareness,

a challenging childhood,

a tough year

or maybe just an “off” day

IMG_1449we are

{ most of us }

all just

doing our best

{ i like to think so anyway }

with what we have been given

so why not

allow room for those mistakes

or those decisions even if they cause

us pain

we can choose, instead, to understand and

feel empthy

Finished headboard 2
i wonder if i see the best

somehow it may

encourage more of that


to shine in that person-

if only because someone believes in them

like my little headboard

up close there are a myriad of imperfections

but from a distance

well, you get the “big” picture..

Finished headboard

This process works so easily for any interior/exterior metal decor. In fact the paint I purchased at Canadian Tire apparently works on wood, plastic and laminate as well. From start to finish, this little project took only about 30 minutes, not a bad investment for $75 + paint!

Refinishing Wrought Iron Decor


cast iron item for refinishing

1 can Krylon Dual Superbond Paint + Primer, White * Satin, Indoor/Outdoor Fast Drying

soft cloth, paper towels



If your item is already clean,  just wipe down with a soft cloth to remove any dust or debris.

Work in a well-ventilated area where it won’t matter where excess spray paint will land. I found the back lane worked great!

As instructed, shake your paint for 1-2 minutes. Make sure you point the nozzle in the right direction to avoid getting paint on your hand 😉

Using brief, wide, light sweeping strokes, pass over sections of your item.

Once dry (about 25 minutes) repeat for better coverage.

Remove unwanted paint immediately using turpentine and a cloth or paper towel.

I think you could hold a piece of cardboard while spraying to prevent paint getting on your brass areas, etc.

Allow to fully dry for one hour then repeat if desired.



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