just a smidgen

My Kitchen Nook

welcome to my new


Kitchen 1

my respite

my place of retreat




friends and family

when deciding how to set up my new home

i knew i wanted the kitchen table to be the

focal point

because this is where everyone

will come together

to share life stories

as important as this room was, i knew i had to keep everything

under a tight budget..

i found a lovely new table at Urban Outfitters but it was cost prohibitive

then by a stroke of luck

found this table that was almost identical at a much reduced price at

the Consignment Gallery

from there the rest was easy, finding affordable mismatching chairs at Structube

to echo a photo i found on Pinterest

Kitchen 2you may have already seen my IKEA shelves

on my Facebook page,

decorated with my pottery and cookbook collection, this time inspired by an interior designer i found on Instagram

Kitchen 3this is the new home for my IKEA baker’s island

a little corner station

for baking my cakes and cookies

Kitchen 5Kitchen 6yes, another IKEA find to keep extra serving dishes

and Anthropologie cups and bowls

that aren’t on out on my racks

i’ll use these to switch up the color scheme seasonally

perhaps my oranges and reds for the fall

Kitchen 7the paintings you’ve seen in my office in previous posts

but felt they were perfect in this new space

because there is a “coastal” rustic vibe that emerged as i went along

in the design process

Kitchen 4

these photos were taken in the early morning

so you could get a feel for the space with

slanting sunlight just rising over the rooftops, slipping through my windows

this is one of my favourite places to sip my morning coffee..

looking out onto the aspen forest brings

me so much peace and serenity


reminds me of our hikes this past weekend..



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