just a smidgen

on love and friendship

Heart Rock 2

some of life’s travellers

visit us

and the lessons they bring illuminate

the dark corners of the soul,

they witness your whispered longings

and deepen your authenticity

with the unique alchemy of your lives brought together

there is an alignment-

a silver thread woven between thoughts




uplifts and magnifies each other’s pure selves


so subtly changes you both

in an inexplicable way

yet others

only desire to place shadows heavy on you-

hoping to fill their empty

with the light

you so generously shine

the difference

is always in intent

there are those who

 meet you where you are in this shifting life on earth,

that touch your gentle spirit


enable you to reveal your whispered longing-


listen to honour fears then celebrate joys

in a pure and safe place-

uplifting you when you falter-

creating a magical space that allows you the freedom to align

with your truest self

yet there are those who, despairing, interrupt


with a false agenda that insisting presses

itself onto


no one has the

right to persist in your life-

only you decide

who will be the “guest”

that is welcomed joyfully into your home

and into

your life

only you

can freely choose

who will stay for the briefest of moments

or are welcomed in-

perhaps for a lifetime

if you search your heart,

you will know with complete surety

who may be loving welcomed with their resonant gifts and their innately attuned


to join together with yours

in a

free and loving exchange


life’s journey


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