just a smidgen

Guest Room Styling

for those guests who do get invited to stay;)

it’s nice to create a little sanctuary that offers


IMG_8482 2By now you may know that I’m a big fan of white,

I think it’s a clean, calming “spa” color

but it also seems happy and optimistic to me..

rather than a darker colour palatte that lends

more warmth to a room.

I always have an extra throw and lots of pillows for cozy reading in bed.

White is also a great reflector of light so it brings a brightness

to a room

as the light bounces about!

Some of you will see that the wrought iron kijiji headboard project made its way into this room.

I will have to lift it up on wooden posts

as today’s thicker mattresses hide too much

of the frame.

The little white bedside tables and Ranart light are from IKEA.

IMG_8478My vintage painted dresser with mirror

sits so lovely next

the white

wrought iron headboard frame.

Since closet space is a bit sparse in my new place,

I found this pretty Mulig clothes rack

at ikea

{ for only $12.99 }

IMG_8483 2I like to hang my favorite seasonal pieces

and love to coordinate

the colours,

it almost feels like I get to “shop” for my own clothes..

the next best thing to spending money

IMG_8487 2
What you don’t see yet.. are the

magazines, chocolate, fresh towels and a water jug with glasses

I would put out when my guests arrive,

because you definitely want your guests to feel

at home!

on the other hand..

if you want them to leave..

maybe try hiding the chocolate;)



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