just a smidgen

Savoir, pensir, rêver. Tout est là.

To know, to think, to dream.

That’s all.

Sometimes my mind just slips away, right in the middle of a conversation-

not intentionally..

I just disappear for a while, the wheels are turning in my mind and

I dream

{ no, I wasn’t ignoring you }

I’ve made vision boards before, but now this blog has become my “vision board”

a place where I hope to manifest my dreams.

On days that are a bit rougher than others.. I try to shift my energy into something more positive.

So tonight..

I have been thinking about the sort of home I’d like to live in.

I feel like it is time to be a bit more specific,

especially when I fell in love with

the exterior of a home in the U.S.


the interior from another home that sold in this city last December.

{ yes, I may have to knock on their door to see if they’re interested in selling }

So, I joined the two homes together tonight.. because I can and I did.

Welcome to my little home.

Step inside out of the cold.

Note the leaded glass windows, I’d pull up my chaise lounge so I could watch people go by while sipping my morning coffee.
and this would be just right space for my table..

And now.. the kitchen { this as where I really got excited }

that’s the same kitchen island I have.

Note to self: a farmhouse sink.Do you see the little quote written on the white brick below?

and the bottles that spell MOM and … ?

“Where the windows are breathing in the light,
Where the rooms are a collection of our lives,
This is the place where I don’t feel alone.
This is the place where I call home.”

They are lyrics from this beautiful song..

That Home and To Build A Home by The Cinematic Orchestra

{Note: the cello! }

Note the lovely details..

Right off the kitchen is a little room for snuggling and reading, sipping wine.

The powder room.

Time to go upstairs.

Check out the ensuite bath, I love the contrast between the white trim and the paint.

There’s even a balcony off the master bedroom!!

Let’s head downstairs now..

This space would be perfect for my music, painting, photography.

Note: another brick wall.
The guest bath.

and finally, a laundry room/yoga/meditation room.

To know, to think, to dream.

That’s all.

The rest is up to the


Plus a little hard work on my part 😉



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