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How to Be Perfect

On the day you were born, the most perfect human spirit came into the world. You knew only the sounds of your mother’s voice and movements, perhaps your father’s voice too. Out of the warmth and safety of your little cocoon, you were birthed into a place of wonder.

Along with wonder came “curious” experiences that the young mind couldn’t comprehend and so learning began with stories constructed and recorded in imperfect detail. We started to form our earliest selves, discovered how our cries and simple expressions created a response. These moments need not have been hugely momentous, they may have been the most trivial, fleeting and unassuming moments that were repeated with consistency.  Thus began the creation of our constructed selves, so many years of trial and error wrote a lasting script on our hearts and minds about who are on this Earth.

There are teachers who also walk this journey with us. Their way of presenting “what life is” influences our development. Some are blessed with the gift of beautiful, soulful teachers along the way, especially in those very early first days of Not Knowing. Through them we learned to develop love, trust and a feeling of security. Trust meant our needs would be met, it meant we were loved, a fundamental need for all.

This presumes that our teachers needed, of course, to be perfect at all times, but in this imperfect and human world we know that is impossible. Mistakes are made and our actions receive an echo that is dissonant. How does the young child’s mind come to terms with incongruity? At a very young age, there is little ability to process or comprehend and so experiences then become the foundation of a manufactured story we believe about ourselves. It becomes a fundamental “truth” that we accept as a developing definition of who we are in the world.

These early experiences fade in intensity over time, may often be completely forgotten, buried under a myriad of other life lessons, as other teachers enter our lives. If we are fortunate, our primary caregivers continued to grow along with us, perfecting their craft as they, too, interact with this newly developing person in their lives. The teacher then became the student as you dovetailed in the beautifully emerging, interwoven dance of relationship.

In a perfect world, we have imperfect beings that develop stories and ideas about who they are. We think that if this is how we have always “been” in the world, then it must be so. But this is an imperfect world, mistakes are made, beliefs about ourselves can be, at the very least, inaccurate. Teachers inadvertently misstep.

How do we reveal the innately beautiful and worthy person who we have lost touch with along the way? How do we recover the true self that was born all those years ago? How do we unravel the story about who we are to find the innocence and potential forgotten. 

“When I was a child, I talked like a child, I walked like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me.” 1 Corinthians 13:11

So much of who we believe we are today is very much centered on childhood experience, who we believe we are, what we believe we are capable of and whether we understand that we are worthy and deserving of an amazing life. We need to explore strategies for uncovering how we “reasoned like a child” in order to at long last glimpse a new truth about ourselves. Childhood wounds belong in childhood and do not need to be carried with us for the rest of our lives. They need not be the summation or fundamental definition of who we are simply because those experiences came first. If you’ve ever experienced a moment of shame, rejection or unworthiness, it’s likely some childhood wound has been nudged.

“What it means to live spiritually is to not participate in the struggle. It means that the events that happen in the moment belong in the moment.” The Untethered Soul

So, too, events that occurred in moments past belong there as well. They don’t define who we are as worthy or unworthy, lovable or unlovable.

All of us are worthy of love, deserving of love, simply merited by being born into this beautiful life on earth.

Every soul has a song to sing, a dance to dance, a story to write and is deserving of the chance to script their own lives as they unfold through the day to day act of living. Every person’s intrinsic gifts exist as proof of the beauty found in the Universe, they reveal the fundamental truth that every life is a creation of the loving Father. There were no mistakes in the creation of you.. only beautiful perfection. So there is no mystery–

to be perfect is simply found by allowing this truth to live at the center of your life, in your heart.

The true freedom here, is that we can now reveal new gifts, abilities or essential traits of our selves that were gifted to us at birth that have never been explored.

More on that another day..

Love and blessings,


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