just a smidgen

Spring Edit


is just around the corner

i am impatiently waiting for it while temperatures outside are

plummeting to -16 this week

so i’ve decided to bring

an early


into my home

nothing lifts my spirit more than

seeing a change of color and light in my little space

like these

fragrant tulips

marching across the table in a tumble of clear glass jars

even jam jars are

a pretty sweet choice

seeing how God created a daffodil so perfectly in it’s tiniest details..

reminds me of how perfectly created each one of us must be

all of my grey and blue winter pillows are stashed

for another year

fur throws have been banished

my guitar lessons

start tomorrow night

i’m so so excited about that

i love tulips

i remember fields of them on a trip through Holland

most of the pillows are from chintz, ikea and i adore the plush velvet from Pottery Barn

remember i emptied out this little corner of the room

for the wedding

well, everything is back to “normal” again

since this is my home, where i actually live..

all of my messy

creative stuff has to be out where i can

be inspired

i love the ocean, so this shelf will be filled with seashells for summer

upstairs we go to another

little creative corner

this is where i pray and meditate

and sometimes stretch

it’s filled with symbolic

treasures and loves

like this little bowl gifted by my son

i burn sage and sweetgrass in it

Saraswati is the Goddess


knowledge, music, arts, wisdom and learning

everything that makes my own heart sing..

little Ganesh is my remover of obstacles

and poets will invoke him before writing a book

writing my own book is one of my newest goals for 2017

there.. i’ve written it down

and because i love laughter..

my jolly Buddha to remind me of


i have two mala bead necklaces, each with 108 beads to “thumb” while


noting 108 blessings



i change the quote in this picture frame often

to reflect

thoughts that are relevant for me

it’s a reminder of where i need to be in my life

at that moment in time

the little bowl of pink himalayan salt

is where i stash my mala bracelets for “recharging” every night

now all i’m missing is a beautiful cross..

if you see one somewhere.. please let me know

and a bible.. i’d love a new bible

when i meditate i light candles, sit quietly, pray and play spiritual music and sing

i know that’s not the “conventional” way meditation is done..

but it works for me

i found the perfect spot for my white Buddha that Katie and Phil gave me for my


and this is my newest

Just a Smidgen 2017 Calender

i make one every year with highlights from my blog

i love changing up

my home

i do it whenever i feel i need a “lift”, not just seasonally

bye for now,

time to bundle up and head to the gym xx

Love and Blessings,


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