just a smidgen

be love

If loving and being open is the essence, is at the heart of your true self then it only stands to reason that this is how you should show up in life. I’ve learned only too well, that if one goes about being authentic and loving, you can attract many who would love you and many who could seek to take advantage.

Being misled, having promises broken can close your heart to so much potential grace and loveliness in life. But who doesn’t find it instinctual to become a closed cynic after experiencing suffering at the hand of another? Who wouldn’t become discouraged and betrayed upon receiving intentional provocation?

Somewhere along the way my open heart had become closed, after all, it seemed prudent in light of life’s lessons. It seemed to make sense that I should “proceed with caution” with all but the few brought into my sacred circle of trust. Only there could I let my love shine.

But this morning, I wonder if the opposite is true. I think love could be contagious, love can stretch minds and change opinions. Love is a more powerful force than sometimes given credit for. Just be on the receiving end of unconditional love from anyone and you can feel it’s transformative energy.

Once I let go of the belief that I am somehow capable of creating or instilling emotion in another, I’ve also let go of being invested with how that person processes life. I’ve become both free and safeguarded in that moment.

I can openly shine my light of pure love into the world and acquiesce that others will do with it what they may. And so, regardless of how it is received, love is the answer, has always been the truth and the means for living a beautifully connected life with so many more than those few we hold closest to our hearts.

Ephesians 5:2
and walk in the way of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God



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