just a smidgen

Fall Edit

a heady, scent of autumn musk filled the air yesterday

what had begun with such slow deliberation

arrived swiftly, carried in on decidedly brisk air

and with it came an expectant breath..

a prescience


someone newly set to appear,

of something close at hand


alongside the steadfast autumnal turning

of the northern hemisphere’s face

away from the intensity of the sun’s scrutiny..

the sky was filled with heavy molten clouds

and the earth.. rich with fragrant, rain-sodden leaves

and so it’s time to make changes..

in my life, my heart, my mind,

time to usher in a calm, inner settling peace

a softer, quieter focus..

a time to cull

a muted palette of grays and whites

seems fitting then,

gone are the watery colors of the lake and sea

for another year

simple patterns refresh

large cable knit blankets comfort

and crystals


energetically healing,

they are a beautiful addition to your space

clear quartz

is considered the master healer

it channels universal love, health and balance..

is perfect for meditation and protection..

links all chakras for balance, harmony and

helps to manifest intentions


connects with deeper intuition..

a crystal of relaxation, purification,

a promoter of spiritual growth

it helps to offer insightful solutions

what better place to meditate

than this?

blessings and love,



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