just a smidgen

new vision board + daily actions chart

i woke up early this morning and began assembling my new

vision board

it came together so naturally from magazine pictures and photographs i truly felt it


with me

i think the most startling


was the overarching tone for this board is so different

from my last vision board (see below..)

it came from a place where I seemed less aware of my purpose on earth, just beginning to learn about my gifts and a time where i seemed to be making a lot of impulsive mistakes.

it truly reflected a deep longing for more

healing energy

and a

search for self

it had a quiet, introspective, reflective feel

as though i was searching back through my past in order to learn and grow

as I thumbed through my new magazines this morning i felt an unexpected

surge of joy radiate through my heart

and was so inspired by the pictures and photographs
I felt drawn to

it was as if I had crossed over stormy ocean waves and at long last reached the sandy beaches of a tranquil shoreline…

I am now immersed in the lush landscape of my

present and future

it was so encouraging to realize how far i’d come since working with my last vision board and daily actions chart.. i’ve really changed

the first poem shows how i like to think of my day

morning meditation

midday work and productivity

healthy eating with  friends and family

and a night time spent dreaming of the future

this section characterizes journaling, meditating, visualizing, my mission statement, positive affirmations and writing.. it’s the quiet morning in my day

the top right section shows creativity and physical activity

i want to do more rock climbing this winter, paint and learn how to make ceramic plates

at the center is spirituality

i like to think it says “Enjoy God” but could also say “Enjoy,” God.

also at the center is a reminder of my newest big push.. my financial goals, it is a reminder to live a more frugal lifestyle in order to have financial freedom

the bottom left corner shows healthy sleeping, dreaming and clean eating

the bottom right hand side shows my love of the mountains, i hope to hike more this year, even if it’s just locally at our Douglas Fur Trail

i’m excited about the potential for traveling in the future

i’ve had many indicators that New Zealand should be in my future and I will work to make that happen

some travel will be alone

others with friends

i especially want to travel to Oregon where they have “wild feasting” in forests and on the beach

my daily action steps chart is divided into sections:

the first section “spirituality” may look like a lot, but i am already in the habit of doing these from my last Vision Board, i wake up early because i love it so much

i look forward to the daily discipline for the “creativity” section, writing, painting, finances and work

“self-care” will take a little more planning, cooking on Sundays for healthier meals and spending more consistent time connecting with my family and friends

my “dreams” and “projects” sections are for Sundays, time to dream and research about bigger goals or to create a “one off” project

i’ve also learned that combining daily actions is an efficient way to accomplish more in less time and it’s fun to enjoy the spiritual benefit it allows

for example – when i go for a long walk i listen to inspirational music, audio book or podcast –

i can take my camera or iphone along while hiking to do some photography –

cooking and food prep while listening to podcasts –

meditation just before falling asleep at night

wishing you all so much self-discovery and joy while making your own

vision board and daily action steps chart

and the thrill of creating real lasting change in your life.

love and blessings,



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