just a smidgen

Hygge Home

as the fallen snow

and the frigid north air presses cold outside my window

my heart rests soft inside

comfort found in the warmth of

hygge (hue-guh)

(danish for enjoying life’s simple pleasures)

wrapped cozy

thick rough tabletop and soft woollen throws on nimble chairs-

flickering candlelight

shining over copper and downy place settings

while glinting vintage silverware

and white linen

waits for family

who will wrap themselves in thick

knitted throws and heavy

fur blankets to gather resting

with murmured conversation and laughter

soft pinks and purple hued flowers

add another touch of warmth

and the simple morning ritual

of warm coffee and a book read by candlelight

joins cozy robed mornings of sleeping in

and simple meditation

almost everything in

my life is an art form-

the careful placement of ideas and loves in rooms

where i live



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