just a smidgen

Hygge Home

as the fallen snow

and the frigid north air presses cold outside my window

my heart rests soft inside

comfort found in the warmth of

hygge (hue-guh)

(danish for enjoying life’s simple pleasures)

wrapped cozy

thick rough tabletop and soft woollen throws on nimble chairs-

flickering candlelight

shining over copper and downy place settings

while glinting vintage silverware

and white linen

waits for family

who will wrap themselves in thick

knitted throws and heavy

fur blankets to gather resting

with murmured conversation and laughter

soft pinks and purple hued flowers

add another touch of warmth

and the simple morning ritual

of warm coffee and a book read by candlelight

joins cozy robed mornings of sleeping in

and simple meditation

almost everything in

my life is an art form-

the careful placement of ideas and loves in rooms

where i live



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true north

True North

there’s no fork
in the road
when you’re headed
home to that
easy place
where horizon
floats halcyon
aloft ‘twixt
fallow land
and twilight’s
eddying sky,
where every milestone
you know by heart and
every bend in the road
that carries you
back to those
you love is
mapped in
your soul

Barbara, Nov 21, 2017

Love and blessings,


what waits in the dawn

It is always in the depth of night, that hand that gently touches to wake you from your sleep, that restless voice that urges, whispers of massive change ahead.. that tells you you must ready yourself for the new life that waits around a simple curve in the road but that what waits in the dawn will be more magnificent in its innocent beauty than any tear that could fall with regret. Remembering tonight that the freedom found in every first step out into the world is the same as a child’s first step ever taken without a mother’s hand to steady.

Barbara, November 6, 2017

Both of my children are traveling this next year.. I will carry them in my heart.

Love and blessings,


turning point

When your eyes see beauty that cannot be contained..
not captured but captivating,
that’s the universe offering you a sign:
this is your turning point,
that moment in life where everything
ahead of you is so magnificent
that its allure transcends
transforms your inner landscape
and begs to be seen.
It would be madness not to follow your heart….

Barbara, October 27, 2017

Love and blessings,


the one who waits

Step off of the path most taken,
step onto the dirt path less travelled..
wander through the splendid fall forest
and be blissfully invisible to the world,
to all save the one who waits..

Barbara, October 14, 2017

Love and blessings,


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