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Ridiculously Easy Cinnamon Bun Waffles with Cream Cheese Glaze

breakfast and brunch just got a little easier sometimes you just need easy, ridiculously easy these little wafflesView full post »

New Website Reveal – Byblos Bakery

Do you remember when I was developing a series of recipes for a local pita company, Byblos Bakery? Honestly, for aView full post »

Swedish Tea Ring

♥ There is so much excitement and tradition around setting up the Christmas Tree that we reluctantly take down theView full post »

Just a Smidgen ~ Smidge’s Favorites from Last Year!

In addition to the Top 10 viewed Crafts, DIY and Recipes, here are Smidge’s favorite much-loved posts from Just aView full post »

Lussekatter St Lucia Buns Recipe

I thought if I’m decorating my home with bright Scandinavian whites and reds.. it might be fun to also exploreView full post »

An Evening with Aviv Fried

I love it when the stars line up… and you finally meet the person you’ve been hearing so muchView full post »

Sarah’s Foccacia { Reduced Gluten }

Playing in the kitchen is a delicate balancing act a symphony of pots juggling while spoons fly in the air above ourView full post »

Kid~Sister’s Crescia al Formaggio

I have been called many names in my life.. nicknames, that is. ♥ Smidge, Little One, Barbie, Barbie-doll, Barbarian,View full post »

“Becoming Real… It Lasts for Always”

She rapped gently at the door that stood slightly ajar, the television emitting a low staccato of voices into theView full post »

Amaranthine Dreams

  I didn’t alter this recipe.. not one bit nor bite, and then decided I could and should, make a secondView full post »

Yorkshire Puddings

Looking Like a “Yorkshire Pudding” Kind of Night

I love Sunday night dinner because I have the whole day to prepare and there are usually an extra set of hands aroundView full post »

crunchy low fat health bread

Crunchy Low Fat Health Bread

I was still feeling flush from the great pizza dough escapade this past weekend, so when I spied a few packets ofView full post »

Jane-Do’s Pizza Dough

I spent an hour “Junktiqueing” over at Lois Lane’s in Kelowna the other day. I truly believe that she has the mostView full post »

Bidding a Fond Farewell to Sugar

LAKESIDE ALERT… the newest guest to be welcomed into our lakeside home has abstained from sugar for 2 1/2 monthsView full post »