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I Heart Valentine’s Day and Some News

It’s no surprise to most of you that I love hearts.. { like these Blushing Marshmallow Hearts } Soon it will be

Ischoklad ~ Ice Chocolates

Swedish → English is=ice choklad=chocolate ice + chocolate=ice chocolates or ischoklad ♥ who wouldn’t

Snowberries ~ White Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

I know I promised you a cake.. but these white chocolate dipped strawberries turned out so very beautiful and 

gratefulness + Rice Krispies Squares

gratefulness settled in this week with quieting every-day events { there’s something to be said for

Blushing Marshmallow Hearts

my purpose here is “the intentional celebration of everything that is beautiful in my world” it is my way

Harriet’s Remarkable Fudge and Her Icebox Scotch Shortbread

Sometimes we are blessed with the love and guidance of parents and, if we’re lucky, we are blessed to have a

Legacy of a Rodeo Man

Legacy of a Rodeo Man There’s a hundred years of history and a hundred before that All gathered in the

Biscuits Sucre à la Crème

Every once in a while, a recipe will come along that will knock your tuques off! Ouias! This one’ll do just that

Lemon Scented Cake

Old Fashioned Lemon Scented Cake with a Sprinkling of Sugared Citrus Peel

Hazy summer days at the lake and a few too many lime Beergaritas can leave even the most ambitious cook in a