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Wild Huckleberry Pie for The Canadian Food Project

One day Katie and her friend went to pick so they could make a Wild Huckleberry Pie! ♥  ♥ Up the side of the

At The Heart of Inspiration

My poor cello was languishing in the corner of my studio for 6 months. All four strings were loose and hung limp off


grace “I do not at all understand the mystery of grace – only that it meets us where we are but does not

A Little White Lie for Sky-High or G-F Black-Bottom Pumpkin Pie

Which one of these is a little white lie: 1. I’m still swimming, it gets easier every day. 2. I didn’t make

Once in a { Blue Moon } Peach Pie and a Celebration of Stars

CBC Radio One ran a program not too long ago on the subject of “Rejection Letters. One man being interviewed

Wild Huckleberries for Smidge

One day Katie and her boyfriend Travis went to pick { Huckleberries } ♥  ♥ Up the side of the mountain they

Bigger Isn’t Always Better..

there was a time when bigger was better to play music in your car required an 8-track and sound had to be amplified

The Good Housewife’s No~Fail Pie Crust

I’d like to think we’ve come a long way… from this… or this.. (I think I have those shoes..

“What’s in a name? That which we call a tart by any other name would taste as sweet…” W Shakespeare

Much Ado about Nothing, Act IV, Sc. I I never tempted her with tart too large, But, as a brother to his sister, show&#

Humble Pumpkin Pie Recipe

“Oh, my goodness, your pie crust is amazing!” I lavishly complimented my fit, thin and beautiful girlfriend/hostess

Double Rainbows and Sticky (Permanent Alizarin Crimson) Cherry Pie

Mabel Lake Sticky Cherry Pie After incessant days of rainfall, the earth occasionally bestows upon us a

An Affair of the Tart ~ Macaroon Strawberry Tart

Yes, I’ll admit it – I cheated on my “no sugar diet”.  In my defense, I really was quite cognizant