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“Drei Sonnen sah ich am Himmel stehn”, Wilhelm Müller from Winterreise

“Three Suns I saw in the sky…” I had the good fortune to look up and capture this beautiful Parhelia

‘O Frate ‘nnamurato Pergolesi

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Musick in the Gordian Knott unty’d Henry Purcell 1659 1695

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Concerto in F Major for three violins

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L’Estro Armonico , Opera Terza, Antonio Vivaldi

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Jacqueline du Pre

Cellist Jacqueline du Pre was born January 26, 1945.  She would have turned 66 today had she not been stricken with

Baroque and Buskin Concert was a Success

My first inaugural concert this year was a success, but not because I played particularly well.  It was a success

Baroque & Buskin’ Strings Concert

Come enjoy music to brighten a November afternoon with great works by Baroque master composers, played by Baroque &