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Bella’s Biscuits ~ Homemade Dog Treats

 Magical dog-leash romps through frosted streets and princess crystal iced trees.. clear sailing ahead! Nothing couldView full post »

Walmart vs Safeway ~ Food Thrifting

I quickly popped into Williams Sonoma on a Saturday evening around 5:30 pm to pick up a bag of my favorite gluten freeView full post »

The Art of Dill Pickles

My earliest memories of anything “pickled”.. were the sparkling gem jars that lined our basement shelvesView full post »

The Best Banana Muffins

cherish ♥ /ˈCHeriSH/ to hold dear to protect and care for lovingly ♥ a friend lost her book of family recipes in theView full post »

Wild Huckleberry Pie for The Canadian Food Project

One day Katie and her friend went to pick so they could make a Wild Huckleberry Pie! ♥  ♥ Up the side of the mountainView full post »

Lazy Daisy Cake for The Canadian Food Project

        childhood memories jumbled in cluttered boxes of photographs thoughts, sounds, and words illuminated in aView full post »