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Recovering a Footstool and Balance

re·cov·er v. re·cov·ered, re·cov·er·ing, re·cov·ers 1. To get back; regain. 2. To restore (oneself) to a

Borgo San Felice ~ Part I

Let take the train from Florence, Italy and head deep into the Classic Chianti region of Tuscany near Siena. A

A Firenze, Italia Con Amore

Since I brought you to a bridge in Florence last week, I might as well tell you more about our journey there. Our

When in Rome.. White Peach and Lavender Gelato

I seem to be writing about our travels in random order, so you’ve seen the Isle of Capri.. but Sorrento will

The Isle of Capri

I’ve missed you!   I promised you a seascape upon my return to the land of Smidgen.. the island you see