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Chunky Cranberry Apple Chutney

I’m always delighted to discover sparkling jars of my Chunky Cranberry Apple Chutney hiding behind the apricotView full post »

Cranberry White Chocolate Chunk Cookies

It started out as a totally normal week.. Seriously, who hasn’t had days like these? Still, I wonder, can weView full post »

No Turkey Soup for You ~ Cranberry Lemon Cream Scones

Lucky finally took Katie and I for our traditional Christmas walk yesterday. It’s usually reserved for the Big DayView full post »

Cranberry Bliss Bar

A Starbucks Cranberry Bliss Bar Tryst

“It’s important to do Product Research,” I said unconvincingly to myself in the Starbucks line-up. InView full post »

Aerostat Firefly Champagne Cocktails

In the quiet hush under a waning, quarter moon onyx sky, our group gathered… hoodies pulled up and hands shoved inView full post »

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