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California Sushi Rolls Recipe

♥ Snips and snails And puppy dogs’ tails And sugar and spice.. That’s what our little girl is madeView full post »

Jane’s Crunchy Pecan Salmon, Salsa Verde and a Kale Salad

The Spring Festivus worked! { Even my blog seems to have imported without a hitch! } Warm temperatures have begunView full post »

Sweet and Spicy Prawn Étouffée

♥ Christmas decorating always begins outside for our family.. Dried coppery magnolia leaves tender spruce and firView full post »

Karista’s Roasted Pumpkin and Curried Shellfish Risotto, eh?

If ya ever want ta’ visit us in Canada.. ye’ll see der’s a few accents ya’ might want ta knowView full post »

A Mother’s Day Loooong Weekend..

My Mother’s Day long weekend (they should always last longer than a regular weekend!) was perfect… slow andView full post »

Nom Nom Nom… Fish Tacos!

I started out with “good intentions”.. I really did, honest! But that’s life isn’t it? WeView full post »

The Paper~Bag Trout

Some of you may be familiar with the Paper-Bag Princess.. She goes on a quest to slay the dragon who has kidnapped herView full post »

Shrimp Oodles

Just Show Up Some days are lackluster, they lack the muster, to motivate, spur or spark, instigate and animate, orView full post »

cheese plate

a night in

it began as just one of those uncontrived, sublime autumn days the enduring and unexpected warmth created anView full post »

The Shucking Truth About Shucking Oysters and Stoli Vodka Chasers

We stood on a wooden porch under the insouciant rays of the mid-morning sun. He held a craggy oyster the color of micaView full post »