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California Sushi Rolls Recipe

♥ Snips and snails And puppy dogs’ tails And sugar and spice.. That’s what our little girl is made

Jane’s Crunchy Pecan Salmon, Salsa Verde and a Kale Salad

The Spring Festivus worked! { Even my blog seems to have imported without a hitch! } Warm temperatures have begun

Sweet and Spicy Prawn Étouffée

♥ Christmas decorating always begins outside for our family.. Dried coppery magnolia leaves tender spruce and fir

Karista’s Roasted Pumpkin and Curried Shellfish Risotto, eh?

If ya ever want ta’ visit us in Canada.. ye’ll see der’s a few accents ya’ might want ta know

A Mother’s Day Loooong Weekend..

My Mother’s Day long weekend (they should always last longer than a regular weekend!) was perfect… slow and

Nom Nom Nom… Fish Tacos!

I started out with “good intentions”.. I really did, honest! But that’s life isn’t it? We

The Paper~Bag Trout

Some of you may be familiar with the Paper-Bag Princess.. She goes on a quest to slay the dragon who has kidnapped her

Shrimp Oodles

Just Show Up Some days are lackluster, they lack the muster, to motivate, spur or spark, instigate and animate, or

cheese plate

a night in

it began as just one of those uncontrived, sublime autumn days   the enduring and unexpected warmth created an

The Shucking Truth About Shucking Oysters and Stoli Vodka Chasers

We stood on a wooden porch under the insouciant rays of the mid-morning sun. He held a craggy oyster the color of mica