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Sunshine Salad

{ Can you tell the sun has been shining again? } Remember those Sunshine Salads that made the hockey potluck dinnerView full post »

Christmas kitten with ornament

Four Little Kittens ~ Kitten Photography

“Hey Barb! I don’t know if you saw, but I have baby kittens! They are almost two weeks old now. IView full post »

Shutter Bug

Isn’t he just the sweetest? ♥ A quick jaunt to the Bow River for photos.. meant a quick text to my brother,View full post »


glissando: a continuous sliding from one pitch to another (a true glissando), or an incidental scale executed whileView full post »

It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!

“It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” has got to be one of my favorite movies. I love Linus’View full post »

Hipstagram Polaroid Photo Coasters

I’d swear I heard the radio station discussing snow for next week I sure hope I’m wrong!! But I think theyView full post »

A something in a summer’s noon ~

  ♥ Contrary to popular belief.. my dog days of summer show no signs of abating today. ♥ I’veView full post »

When We Were Small

What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us. ~ Ralph Waldo EmersonView full post »

Vintage Christmas Wreath DIY & Biscoffie Bites

today i have a Vintage Christmas Wreath DIY that you can make.. it could stay up year round, for that matter { iView full post »

An Autumn Tumble of Words and Recipes

  ♥ Disclaimer: I should mention now that these poems and ramblings of mine are not always a reflectionView full post »

Emma’s Sassy Salsa

Autumn beckoned Katie and I.. who were we to argue? A photography essay prescribed by the remnants of fadingView full post »

Foraging for Greens

♥ I did literally run from the trail that day, eager to discover if the Vernon market was open, only to find.. anView full post »

Oh… Streusel Crumbs!

today’s word impulse “crumbs” ♥ began when juicy spring splashy rain transmogrified itself into aView full post »

Cure for the Food~Induced Coma

Food-Induced Coma (Food Coma, Common)  The Facts A Food-induced Coma is a condition resulting from the suddenView full post »

Kid~Sister’s Crescia al Formaggio

I have been called many names in my life.. nicknames, that is. ♥ Smidge, Little One, Barbie, Barbie-doll, Barbarian,View full post »

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