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Fall Decorating Ideas

Our fall has left us with a sudden drop of snow, but I’d love to share the touches of fall I still have aroundView full post »

Best Pumpkin Loaf Recipe

Spinning rapturously on their delicate stems, these lovely ladies made the most gorgeous display yesterday.. then withView full post »

Chunky Cranberry Apple Chutney

I’m always delighted to discover sparkling jars of my Chunky Cranberry Apple Chutney hiding behind the apricotView full post »

DIY Birch Hearthside Tealight Votive

Maybe it was the thrill of operating a digger and dozer in Vegas, or wearing a real hard hat. I was definitelyView full post »

Lumberjack Kit Kat Cake

Birthdays on one side of our family are clustered. Our two children, their sweet cousin Georgie, auntie and theirView full post »

Thanksgiving Birch Bark Candles DIY ~ Tablescape

I’m back home from Vegas, a wee bit tired, This is a rather blurry iPhoto of the gang.. ( or maybe it’s myView full post »

Wear Gratitude Like a Cloak ~ Rumi

♥ Some I know have had, still have such difficult, even tragic lives.. and yet they continue to amaze me withView full post »

A Little White Lie for Sky-High or G-F Black-Bottom Pumpkin Pie

Which one of these is a little white lie: 1. I’m still swimming, it gets easier every day. 2. I didn’t makeView full post »

Harriet’s Veg Delight with Savory Stuffing Biscuits

Harriet’s back!  with another of her, my, our  favorite family recipes! She made this one up and laughed when IView full post »

An Autumn Tumble of Words and Recipes

♥ Disclaimer: I should mention now that these poems and ramblings of mine are not always a reflection of recentView full post »

A Simple Thanksgiving Wish

I’ve written a little poem for my friends south of the border… they may not get the chance to read this ifView full post »

Humble Pumpkin Pie Recipe

“Oh, my goodness, your pie crust is amazing!” I lavishly complimented my fit, thin and beautifulView full post »

Autumn Roasted Butternut Squash Pear Soup

  Thanksgiving Dinner arrives today… and with it my prodigal hockey player. I can’t wait to hear the doorView full post »

grace and gratitude

i felt the need to pause and reflect on how fortunate i am to be loved and surrounded by the beauty and grace of myView full post »