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This Room

Temperatures are dropping to minus 40 C. The pup and I will be tucked in, next to the fire.. { She’s just beenView full post »

I Heart Valentine’s Day and Some News

It’s no surprise to most of you that I love hearts.. { like these Blushing Marshmallow Hearts } Soon it will beView full post »

Just a Smidgen ~ Smidge’s Favorites from Last Year!

In addition to the Top 10 viewed Crafts, DIY and Recipes, here are Smidge’s favorite much-loved posts from Just aView full post »

Wear Gratitude Like a Cloak ~ Rumi

♥ Some I know have had, still have such difficult, even tragic lives.. and yet they continue to amaze me withView full post »

The Mosaic Heart

A friend once told me, after the loss of a friendship, that every person who touches our lives become a part of theView full post »

Kids These Days

I’m finally old enough to be able to say those words. { And there are more words in my head than a poem canView full post »

The Snowbird Hawthorne

To begin.. A fire.. friends.. music.. and earthy nourishment surfeits the heart’s own hunger…  View full post »

Borrowing Bartolini’s Bone~In Braised Beef Short Ribs

♥ ♥ A day like this calls for comfort food… perhaps a Bartolini Bone-In Braised Beef Short Rib recipeView full post »

The Paper~Bag Trout

Some of you may be familiar with the Paper-Bag Princess.. She goes on a quest to slay the dragon who has kidnapped herView full post »

The Sundress, Edouard Boubat’s “Collioure”, and a Poem

It’s good to give our kitchens a well deserved rest, after all it is the main stay, the work horse if you will, ofView full post »

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